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Oct 7

A solid, satisfying ending has two parts. They can be called the climax and the resolution, and even though that sounds a bit overblown for a two-minute story. I think you’ll tell a better story if you think of the ending in those terms. The climax is the destination, the place you’re taking the audience, in a straight line from the opening. It will come near the end of the story, but afterward, you also need to provide closure. Make it feel complete. That’s the resolution.

- Mindy McAdams (via dominickbrady)

Oct 5

Reinventing Journalism: 10 lessons learned (in no particular order)


Executive Director Robert Rosethal lays out 10 lessons he’s learned from his time at The Center for Investigative Reporting.

CIR - Reinventing Journalism - 10 lessons learned (in no particular order)

General interest is a pretty good concept for a physical product that gets delivered to your doorstep, where getting all those disparate sections bundled together makes sense. It’s not such a great concept on the web. The web hates artificial bundles. If you’re going to do a general-interest news product online, you have to be prepared to do it on the cheap, as Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington do (or at least used to do, in the latter case). Conversely, if you want to put out an expensively produced, professionally-edited product, it’s better to stick to a niche, preferably one with a demographic that advertisers want to reach, like technology or business.

- Slate Lays Off Staff. Does Its Model Still Make Sense? - Forbes (via brooklynmutt)